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Angie Reese

"I love his creativity to keep the workouts fun... yet working on practical aspects to make my day-to-day function pain-free! He listens to my goals and helps me work toward that! He has given me hope, and I’ve seen real progress beyond what I ever dreamed"


Don’t spend life on the sidelines; take an active roll in discovering your potential! Be it an injury, chronic condition, or just a struggle to hit that fitness goal,  Dr. Parsons is eager to help you regain your freedom and health with a physical therapy plan tailored to your personal needs to get you back in the game!

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When it comes to your health, we know that each patient is unique. With the concierge and mobile model, we offer freedom from the typical constraints of insurance, while bringing the services directly to you in the environment that best accommodates your personal goals! 


Cut out the middle man of assistants and techs, and speak directly with your doctor, making information more accessible as you implement your physical therapy plan and navigate through questions and concerns. Contact Dr. Parsons today to request a consultation! 

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