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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting over other clinics?

We believe we are able to offer a unique service, producing superior results compared to clinics who are bound by restrictions created from insurance company’s payment models.  While others treatment plans and intervention selections are influenced by insurance rules and how much reimbursement they will receive, when choosing Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting, you receive care based on your needs and goals.  Additionally, the convenience factor is unmatched by any clinic.  No need to spend time driving across town, filling out extensive paperwork, and sitting in a waiting room.  Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting comes to you. 

How many treatments will I need?

There is no required number of visits.  Each patient’s treatment plan will be developed on a case-by-case basis.  We provide our professional input, but ultimately you dictate how many times you would like to utilize our services.  For example, we have patients who elect to participate in longer term plans such as 1-2 treatments/week for several weeks-months following some surgeries, while others only require 1-2 total visits for injury assessments/diagnosis.

Do I need to have an injury or a medical condition to be seen?

Short answer, no.  If your body doesn’t seem to be functioning at its optimal level, we can help.  Does your golf swing feel restricted and lacking power? Do you seek guidance with setting up an exercise plan? With our concierge model, we are able to address it.  Of course, traditional treatment for injury, pain, and medical conditions is offered as well.

Do I need a referral?

Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting does not require referrals.

Do you take insurance?

As a concierge, cash-based practice, Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting does not directly network with insurance providers.  Our patients are seen for a flat-rate per visit.  After visits are completed, patients are offered an invoice which they may submit to their insurance, often receiving reimbursement or application toward deductible for completed services.

Will treatments at Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting cost more than other clinics?

Not necessarily. In fact, many patients seen by Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting pay less for their total treatment than they would at other popular clinics.  Many hospital owned clinics accepting insurance charge $300(+) per interaction before insurance submission, whereas Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting charges a fraction of that upfront. Typically, patients of Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting do not require as many visits either.


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