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Red Light Therapy

      Red light therapy (red and near infrared) involves the use of low intensity, LED, red light wavelengths, applied to the skin, with the goal of optimizing cellular energy and efficiency.

      Studies show that red light therapy is capable of speeding wound healing, improving skin quality, reducing inflammation, increase metabolism/stimulate fat burning, improving cognition/alertness, reducing workout recovery times, and so much more. 


      Two options for red light therapy sessions are available.  You may purchase single sessions or purchase a monthly membership allowing you the opportunity to schedule sessions 2x/week.  You do not have to be a patient to utilize.

Red Light Therapy Pricing:

Single Session - $20

Monthly Membership - $120 (for use of 2x/wk)

*Monthly memberships must be set up by calling or emailing Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting

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