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Tad Parsons, DPT

      Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting is a practice designed to provide you with personalized physical therapy evaluations, treatments, and wellness services.  When choosing Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting, you cease to exist as “just another number or patient”.  You will receive quality, 1-on-1, interaction with your personal physical therapist.  Examinations and treatments will be based on your goals, optimizing your recovery, and our educated assessment of how to best achieve that. Our treatment of you is not based according to insurance reimbursement numbers, as many other clinics are forced into. Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting prides itself on providing quality interactions that produce improvement in your condition with fewer visits.

      Parsons Physical Therapy & Consulting is a hybrid model, offering both in clinic and in home services.  For most conditions and situations, and for quickest access, we encourage scheduling to be seen at our office location (1400 Terradyne Drive Ste 217, Andover, KS 67002), however if a recent surgery, home assessment, or functional mobility training treatment calls for us coming to you, we are happy to schedule accordingly.  

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